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2013-05-28 02:51:24 by LNR123

Hello everyone... I am happ......hmm... I forgot where I was going with this.....


Click it... I dare you.... I double...Dare...YOU!


Madness Acceptence 3 HELP

2009-08-21 00:58:36 by LNR123

Ok. im going really well at the moement and i am starting the intro in a movie clip so it only is one frame

like. The preloader loads. you press play and it starts a movie clip, then at the end its supost to go into the real timeline frames(no in movie clip). but it doesnt, i can only stop. can someone RESPOND as quuick as possible

Oh and i still have no sound cept music, SORRY. i am a fault speaker magnit. but all good, ill figure that out

HERE, HAVE A PIC of my BIG GUN GUY seen in all my cartoons

Madness Acceptence 3 HELP

Madness Combat Acceptence 3

2009-08-06 21:31:57 by LNR123

I Finally started it. Again my drawing is comprised by Sprites from madness, But that just add's madness style. LOLS

Its got feet

The plot is 4 Madness Fans (Yes again) Are becoming would be Protaganists (Hank,Jesus,Sanford and Delemos FANS are all dressed up and ready for madness)

Since i just Started i am trying my best to release it on M Day and keep to Krinkels standards. But its hard, it might come out after

This might be the best i've done

Cheers - LNR

Madness Combat Acceptence 3